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With Design in Mind.

When I started with this idea, the inside design and the guest experience was what I was most passionate about. I wanted to give my customers the exact experience I would want to have. The bedding, the furniture, the décor, the feel of luxury and an experience that would make me want to come back again and again. This feeling, this level of comfort, mixed with high end goods…this I know how to do.

As I have said in my introduction, in my previous life, I was a buyer…in my heart I will always be a buyer. I am always following trends, finding new products, and buying, for me, my family, my friends- Things find me, products find me, brands find me. My passions lie in creating a space, making it fit the person, and making it functional.

This business is no different, and the passions I am bringing for design and connection to nature are running deep. I am searching for the best products for my customers, and partnering with exciting new brands that have innovative products that will fit your next glamping experience to give you a feeling of effortless luxury camping. We have been dreaming, creating, and building over here at Boundless Dwelling and can’t wait to share all of the details with you soon!

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