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It all starts with an idea.

Our idea has always been to make camping easier and more accessible to everyone. Families, couples, friends…do you live in the city with no gear? Are you a family of 4 or 6 like us that it just feels too overwhelming to get everything together to make it worth it? Do you love camping but your partner can’t stand the thought of it? Yep, we are here to solve all of those problems. We want to make camping enjoyable, effortless, and easy. You like the idea of camping (or maybe some of you don’t) but something is keeping you from pursuing the full experience. For me it is buying enough gear for my whole family, packing it up, setting it up, and you lost me. We don’t want you to get lost, I don’t want to get lost. So, what if you just had to book the site, or what if we even had some sites of our own because that is even the point you get lost? Then, from there you answer a few questions, book a tent, pick out some extras to make your trip a little easier (because we are going for low effort here) and just show up. That’s it…you just book a few things, then you just show up. And you don’t show up to a flimsy tent at a campsite, you will show up to a beautifully curated canvas wall tent ready to greet you for a camping experience you will be able to enjoy and fully connect with the people around you and engage with all the nature Colorado has to offer. I am so excited to share my vision with you guys, I am even more excited to welcome you this Summer 2021!

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