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Choices, Choices…

This week we are deciding on tents. With this being the center of our business, the decision feels like a big one, and I am not taking lightly. This was the very first thing I started researching the day this idea came into my head. First Google search was what’s going on in Colorado in the Glamping world, second was how much is a tent going to cost. My research has gotten more sophisticated and my questions more in-depth, but my goal is the same, to find the best tent for my customers. I am down to two brands that will both be great choices, which leads me to how do you choose? Both great companies, great products, and great sizes. I have a lot ahead this week to make a final decision, in order to move into the next phase of planning a great summer season. Keep an eye out to find out which we choose! I can guarantee either way you will love your experience camping out with us this summer in one of our beautifully furnished tents!

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